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Electronic Appraiser offers a wide selection of nationwide valuation services for higher volume and institutional clients. When you need accurate instant home valuations, public record data solutions, lot reports or batch processing, the Electronic Appraiser Business Account offers great discounts (a 25% discount off each Instant report) and a secure account log-in interface for ordering and tracking your reports. It's simple to set up an account, so get started today!
Electronic Appraiser has cost effective residential appraisals and collateral valuation solutions for most real estate transactions:
  First Mortgages     Home Equity Loans     Foreclosures
  Portfolio Due Diligence     Whole Loan Sales     Quality Assurance
  Tax Assessments     PMI Release Services     Asset Backed Securities

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determining values for Divorce and Bankruptcy proceedings.
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Jeffrey Yoffe Esq. / Dauphin County, Pennsylvania 

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Valuation Model (AVM)

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PhotoCheck - Taking valuations to the next level
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How it works:
All you have to do is click on the button below and add funds ($100 minimum).Once your account is set up, you can immediately start ordering reports and will receive a 25% discount off the retail price on every instant report.

High Volume Users:
Banks, Credit Unions, Lenders, and Institutional Investors are eligible for monthly billing. Call (561) 235-2279 to speak to an Account Representative or click here to contact Electronic Appraiser to see if you qualify.
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Reports Available for Business Accounts:
Instant Valuation Reports:
bullet   Home Value Estimate   Sample  
Get an estimated value using one of the nation's leading automated valuation models (AVM's) that scientifically predicts a home's current worth.
bullet   Comparable Sales with Aerial Map View  Sample  
Compare your search subject with up to 15 properties and evaluate determining factors like distance from subject, sale price, year built, address, and last recording.
bullet   Property Details   Sample  
Easy to read Property Detail reports enable you to quickly locate owner and location, last and prior sales transactions, site and property characteristics, as well as assessed value.
bullet   Parcel Maps  
View county assessor map to gain an understanding of lot boundaries and adjacent parcels.
Full Appraisals with Interior Inspections:
bullet   Uniform Residential Appraisal Report (FNMA 1004 / FHLMC 70)  Sample  
Comprehensive appraisal of a single-family home (or PUD unit), including an interior inspection by the appraiser. This is the most commonly ordered appraisal product.
bullet   Manufactured Home Appraisal - (FNMA 1004C/FHLMC 70B)  
Comprehensive appraisal of a manufactured home, including an interior inspection by an appraiser (FNMA 1004C).
bullet   Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal Report - Interior Inspection (FNMA 1073 / FHLMC 465)  
Comprehensive appraisal of a condominium unit, including an interior inspection by the appraiser.
bullet   Residential home inspection with photo service  Sample
A picture is worth a thousand dollars! Our photo check service features a drive-by inspection with an exterior digital photo. Site inspectors will also provide an Economic Condition Analysis of each residential property. Great companion service for an AVM.

Appraisal Reviews:
bullet   FHA Appraisal Field Review Report (HUD 1038)  
A field review of an existing FHA appraisal report by a licensed appraiser.
bullet   One-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report (FNMA 2000 / FHLMC 1032)  
A field review of an existing appraisal report by a licensed appraiser (one-unit residential property) by a licensed appraiser.
bullet   Two-to-Four Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report (FNMA 2000A/FHLMC 1072)  
A Field review of an existing appraisal report (two-to-four unit residential property) by a licensed appraiser
bullet   Residential Appraisal Review Form - Enhanced Desk Review (2002)  
A desktop review of an existing appraisal report by a licensed appraiser, with two adjusted comparable sales added by the reviewer.
bullet   Residential Appraisal Review - Short Form (2006)  
A desktop review of an existing appraisal report by a licensed appraiser on a short form, without comparables
bullet   Residential Appraisal Review Form - Desk Review(2002) A desktop review of an existing appraisal report by a licensed appraiser.


What is AVM?
AVM is short for "Automated Valuation Model". Appraisers, Wall Street and Lending Institutions all use AVM technology in their analysis of residential property. An AVM is a residential Valuation Report that can be obtained in a matter of seconds. It is a technology driven report. The product of an automated valuation technology analysis, public record data, and computer decision logic combined to provide a logical calculated estimate of a probable selling price of a residential property. An AVM generally uses a combination of two types of evaluation, the running of a hedonic model and a repeat sales index. The results of each are weighed, analyzed and then reported as a final estimate of value based on a requested reasoning date.
Each AVM includes:
   > A highly accurate market value estimate for residential property nationwide.
   > The Tax assessor�s indication of value, where appropriate.
   > Subject property information and sales history.
   > Comparable Sales analysis of like properties.
Electronic Appraiser uses this same AVM technology to deliver a Complete Property Valuation over the Internet; it is highly accurate, and easy to use via any standard web browser.
Electronic Appraiser has the tools you need to determine property values. Now you can see the same home values, property data, sales comparables, and supporting real estate sales data that Lenders use to make risk decisions for mortgages, home equity loans, and credit lines.
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